Introducing our new “Digestive Elixir”

The Melnick Medical Museum is out and about in the community this summer, taking advantage of partnerships with other cultural institutions in the Youngstown area.

Last Saturday, we had fun at the Mill Creek Metro Parks Alice in Wonderland themed Garden Adventure Day. For this event, we created a new activity- a color changing elixir! 

We soaked red cabbage (particularly fitting for the Park, which grows cabbages in its Family Garden) in hot water to create a purplish potion. Cabbage is a natural way to help digestive problems such as ulcers and constipation. (It’s leaves can also be used topically to reduce swelling and heal bruises.) Check out the bright color of that water!




We added a small amount of baking soda to turn it blue. I “brewed” 2 gallons of this “digestive elixir”  for the event. We poured a small amount of the blue “elixir” into cups.



The magic happens when you add the “Digestive Elixir” into a citrus drink. We used Sprite for the added fun of the fizz.



And viola! The blue liquid turns pink when mixed with the citrus soda! Amazing!

The Melnick Medical Museum will be at Mill Creek Metro Parks again on Wednesday, June 25th for their summer camp in the historic Log Cabin. Join us!

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  1. […] to be part of their Family Garden Day with an Alice in Wonderland theme. For that, I created a new color-changing “digestive elixir” (out of cabbage juice). I’ll get to use this fun drink again with the science museum hosts a STEM […]

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