Dr. Betterman and the story of how modern medicine came to a small town (1868-1910)

"All doctors have to put on a bold front. [...] I am not ashamed to confess that I do not know it all. Probably never will. I do try to use the best things and methods that rational science has to officer. All medicine has much yet to learn." So writes Dr. Amos Betterman in… Continue reading Dr. Betterman and the story of how modern medicine came to a small town (1868-1910)

Dr. Peter D’Onofrio speaks about Civil War medicine

On Wednesday evening, Dr. Peter D'Onofrio spoke to a full-capacity crowd about the many medical advancements made during the Civil War. Most of the improvements had to do with the organization of the military and provisions for wounded soldiers and veterans: The Army organized an effective method to evacuate wounded soldiers which included an Ambulance… Continue reading Dr. Peter D’Onofrio speaks about Civil War medicine

Medical Advancements of the Civil War

To recognize the beginning of the Civil War Sesquicentennial (2011- 2015), the Melnick Medical Museum, the Mahoning Valley Historical Society, and the History Department of Youngstown State University are hosting this FREE event which is open to the public. The presentation will be given by Dr. Peter D'Onofrio, who will be dressed in a Civil… Continue reading Medical Advancements of the Civil War

19th century amputation and surgical kits

The artifact collection at the Rose Melnick Medical Museum includes one amputation set and one surgical kit, both from the 19th century. Both kits contain tools for general surgical procedures of the time including tourniquets, knives and scalpels, capital saws, tenacula, and artery forceps. Both kits also include trephining tools for cutting the skull. Although… Continue reading 19th century amputation and surgical kits