First items displayed in Cushwa Hall

The first of the new display cases in Cushwa Hall were filled this morning! After a new paint job and a good cleaning, the display cases looked good in their new location. This is the main entrance to the College of Health and Human Services from Lincoln Avenue. During class changes, this hallway is pretty busy.


I got many looks as I worked in the entrance hall, putting items in the vitrines. Students and faculty seemed very interested in what was going on and it was encouraging to see their curiosity.

There are four cases in this area
There are four cases in this area

I had picked a few of my favorite items in the collection for this first display: pill making tools, eyeglasses, a Dr. Thompson’s Color Stick, and stethoscopes. I hope every student can find something interesting in the variety of items I selected.

pill making tools
view through the cases
view through the cases

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