“Life in the Lung” photo exhibit

Bobby Hill, three months old, is the youngest polio victim ever treated in an Iron Lung at Cincinnati General Hospital. (1954)

The Rose Melnick Medical Museum will host a new temporary exhibit called “Life in the Lung” from Friday, July 6th to Friday, August 17th. The museum will hold special weekend hours for Summer Festival of the Arts.
Saturday, July 7th: 10am to 7pm
Sunday, July 8th: 11am to 5pm

Betty Sue Martin, 5, can still smile after 35 days in an Iron Lung at Johns Hopkins Hospital. The child was brought from North Carolina when her respiratory system was paralyzed after an attack of diphtheria. (1937)

The exhibit will feature 20 photographs of patients in respirators, many in Iron Lungs. The photographs range from 1930 to 1959, when polio was at its peak in the United States and respirators were just coming into use. Most of the photographs will be accompanied by their original captions in the exhibit.
The photographs were loaned to the museum by Steve DeGenaro, a YSU graduate of the Respiratory Care program who collects historical medical photography and lives in Poland, OH.
Admission to the museum and the special exhibit is free.

(You can see a YouTube video that explains how an Iron Lung works here.)

“Love is the winner” (1959)
Calvin Leonard, 30, leans over to pose with his polio-stricken bride, Margaret Schreiber, 30, following their wedding here [New York] yesterday. Margaret, paralyzed from the neck down for eight years, wears a portable respirator. They met in the hospital where Margaret was a patient and Calvin was a volunteer worker. He proposed last summer, but it was not until Christmas day that Margaret finally consented.

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