Ohio Women in the Civil War

Dr. Kelly Selby will give a presentation about role of Ohio women during the Civil War on Wednesday, October 19th at 7PM. Admission to the museum and presentation are free.

Office of the Soldiers Aid Society of Northern Ohio, 1865 (WRHS)

Ohio’s political and military importance to the Union victory are widely known, but often less understood is the vital contribution made by the state’s female population. This presentation demonstrates the importance of Ohio’s women by exploring their wartime activities on the home front, focusing largely on the Soldiers Aid Societies and the Sanitary Fairs in Cleveland and Cincinnati.

Dr. Kelly Selby


Kelly D. Selby is an assistant professor at Walsh University, where she teaches U.S., Civil War, and Women’s history. She pursued her research interests in the history of nineteenth-century war and society at Kent State University, earning her Ph.D. in 2008.  She recently served on the CW 150 interpretive committee for the Ohio Historical Society.



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