Sometimes gross but fascinating…

One of the blogs on the Melnick Medical Museum’s “blogroll” is Morbid Anatomy. The blog is written by Joanna Ebenstein. For more than two years she has used it to explore the intersection of anatomy and art.  As a photographer and graphic designer, Ebenstein has an eye for visually interesting images. She is interested in a wide range of formats including anatomical models and specimens, medical illustrations, and other visual media like post cards, slides, and broadsides. Her photographic exhibit called Anatomical Theatre took her around the world to capture stunning photographs from medical collections. Even though her project is complete, she continues to scour the Internet, blogs, and medical museums for historical and unique anatomical images.  Her blog is covered with clear, crisp, images of the things she has found. Through this art work, readers can learn new things about the history of medicine, disease, and cultures. Once you start looking, your curiosity gets the best of you and you can’t take your eyes away!

Ebenstein is also active in the art and medical museum communities. Her blog contains many, many links to medical museums, collections, and related online exhibits, blogs, artists, and sources. These lists can be overwhelming, but they are a great resource for those who have time to browse them. She also writes about events in the medical art and medical museum communities like conferences and exhibits. I am amazed at how much is going on!


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