AMA anniversary

Today, May 7th, is the 162nd anniversary of the founding of the American Medical Association (AMA). The mission of the organization was to advance the science of medicine, to improve the standards for medical education, to develop a program of medical ethics, and to improve the health of the public. The AMA was organized in Philadelphia at the Academy of Natural Sciences by 250 delegates from 28 states. Dr. Nathan Smith Davis from New York was the main proponent of the formation of the AMA. Its first president was Dr. Nathaniel Chapman. Chapman was a well known physician in Philadelphia and was the chair of the department of Theory and Practice of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania for 40 years. At the meeting the delegates adopted the first code of medical ethics and the first national standards for preliminary medical education and for the degree of MD. In 1883 the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) begins publication and Nathan Davis is its first editor. Today JAMA has the largest circulation of any weekly medical journal in the world. To learn more about the history of the AMA, click here.


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